NDS 5 In. x 39-3/4 In. Gray Pro Series Channel Drain


5' x 39-3/4' Pro Series channel drain kit. This kit includes the channel, grates, end cap, and end outlet. The patented Pro Series channel is modular and consists of 39-3/4' sections which fit 1 into the other via mechanical interlocking joints. This superior joint will not separate as concrete expands and contracts, like slip fit channel connections. The modular design allows you to reach any length easily, keeping its structural compactness and resistance. Bottom outlet molded into each section reduces parts and adds flexibility. The grate is rated Class B - loads of 61 to 175 P.S.I. Recommended for autos and light trucks, medium-duty pneumatic tire traffic at speeds less than 20 mph. UV inhibitors prevent fading and cracking. Bottom feet decrease installation time and cost by allowing easy tie down or staking.

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