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Albany Plumbing & Electric History

Albany Plumbing and Electric Supply began with very humble beginnings. Starting out as the dream of two brother-in-laws wanting to have their own business and hoping to provide a service to a community they were very passionate about. Founding co-owners, John Roberts and Tim Albertson came from different backgrounds but putting those backgrounds together have allowed Albany Plumbing and Electric to become one of the largest hardware, plumbing, electric, HVAC sales and supply companies in the area.

Beginning in 1993, John Roberts had just returned from the US Army after being deployed for war. He had been working for an HVAC company and learning a mechanical trade to go with his electrical knowledge. John and Tim have completed electrical training at a local vocational school. Tim has been working all over the state of Kentucky for the Department of State Parks and was ready to be at home.

The business started in 1993 in a couple of rented buildings as they grew. In 1998, the guys built a new building on the property they acquired as growth continued. The retail part of the business stayed in that location over the next few years. In 2020, the retail part of the business acquired a 16,000 square foot building in the most desired commercial real estate in the heart of Albany, Kentucky. The HVAC division is and still remains at the location built in 1998 as a warehouse and ductwork fabrication shop.

During this transition, Tyler Albertson, Tim’s son, who has worked in the business and been around it all of his life became a working partner of the business along with Tim, his father and John, his uncle. Albany Plumbing and Electric Supply is a family owned and operated business. The daily operation consists of Tim Albertson and his wife, Lisa; Tyler Albertson and his wife, Hannah; and John Roberts and his wife Ava. Albany Plumbing and Electric Supply has been so blessed to serve our community now throughout the world via online stores. We look forward to continuing to serve you throughout the years to come. Thank you all and God Bless You.

- The Families of Albany Plumbing and Electric Supply